Thursday, March 26, 2009

TABS at MoMA: a flop in the cafe, a kashkow in the Kippenberger.

On Friday, March 20 T.A.B.S. made their debut at MoMA. We offered site specific fine art tattoos, dada surrealist poems, and Kippenberger manicures. Starting in the cafe with our photographer, we felt a cold shoulder from our potential 'clients'. We learned our lesson: people don't want to be bothered while they eat.
The rebound: Moving on, we managed to dig up some clients in the Mondrian room. Cassie took her manicure kit on the road after lunch so she could go teach some art classes, while Maya stayed on to earn $27 in the Kippenberger installation.
Breakdown of earnings for the day:
$1 for 1 word
Maximum tip: $5/ 1 poem
Average tip: $3/ poem

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